Forgeries detected through chemistry

Its been a little while since I’ve posted; life caught up with me. One of the things I have grown to like in the world of chemistry is how to detect deception and forgeries in the most mundane of things. Consider paper documents such as a will, mortgage or contract. Speckin Forensics is a forensicContinue reading “Forgeries detected through chemistry”

Frozen in time

U&lc: Upper and lower case: the International Journal of Typography published by International Typeface Corporation, was one of the publications that I received while in college and for a few years afterwards, though I was not a graphic designer. This tabloid size journal printed on newsprint ran upwards of 100 pages each issue and celebratedContinue reading “Frozen in time”

All things toxic

There’s not a lot of humor in the toxicology field.   It’s pretty serious stuff: testing urine, oral fluids, blood, hair, fingernails and even meconium using analytical instrumentation (chromatography and mass spectrometry) to measure levels and types of drugs in the individual.  Toxicology deals with the complexities of testing and analysis, of positives and falseContinue reading “All things toxic”

Disruptive technology adoption

Having worked in high tech for so much time in my career, I’ve given some thought to how and why companies acquire disruptive and innovative new technology, especially when conventional consensus has not fully embraced it.   I believe there are five reasons to acquire “new” high tech, though often, more than one factor “drives” aContinue reading “Disruptive technology adoption”

Opportunity markers

My mild mannered Jewish grandmother who lived in Washington Heights (Manhattan, New York City) some forty odd years ago, close to the Cloisters, not far from Henry Kissinger’s parents at 182nd Street, once remarked to me while walking on the sidewalk near her second floor rent-controlled apartment that she could tell whether a person wasContinue reading “Opportunity markers”

Mega-commuter and listener

I’m ready to hang it up, to get off the hook. After decades of commuting to and from work, traveling over 300,000 miles, from Franklin to Burlington, to Westboro, to Cambridge, to Fall River and Hyde Park (Boston) too, and chugging along around the speed limit, I’ve driven hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours,Continue reading “Mega-commuter and listener”

The man who screams

NOW … AT LAST …. THE NEW AMAZING Gem of genius slowly blazing The one man who, without a doubt Knows what this business is about. The man who screams, when words are arranged. Still, were he quieter or politer, He wouldn’t be a copywriter My first marketing communications project was to write and produceContinue reading “The man who screams”