The man who screams

NOW … AT LAST …. THE NEW AMAZING Gem of genius slowly blazing The one man who, without a doubt Knows what this business is about. The man who screams, when words are arranged. Still, were he quieter or politer, He wouldn’t be a copywriter My first marketing communications project was to write and produceContinue reading “The man who screams”

Puff it up, would ya?

“Manager” was in my title, and on my business cards, but I was always an individual contributor.  I did not officially manage, hire, fire or direct anyone. I didn’t write anyone’s annual performance review. For the most part, I did not attend departmental administrative or budget meetings.  Instead, I conceived of, planned and managed initiativesContinue reading “Puff it up, would ya?”

Save the Last Great Natural Resource

April 17, 2017 April is national letter writing month! Not withstanding emails, PDF greeting cards, Facebook and free online greeting cards (e-Cards) from American Greeting, the physical act of writing using a pen is encouraged and celebrated. Whether you use a treasured fountain pen or cheap Bic, a favorite personalized letterhead and/or envelope, touched offContinue reading “Save the Last Great Natural Resource”