A writer who draws

Saul Steinberg, most famous as a cover artist for The New Yorker since 1941 says of himself in “The lines of Saul Steinberg’s mind” published in Chicago Reader (July 7, 2017) that he was “a writer who draws”.  Neither a cartoonist or illustrator (though he has been chacterised as both, and doesn’t consider himself either),Continue reading “A writer who draws”

Organization and order

Striving for order helps organize the mind and set a course. Starting in July 2007, I started organizing and loosely cataloging hard copy (print) news clippings, many from the New York Times, in large 2″ thick, 11″x17″ scrapbook-size binders with three “D” ring style metal rings and clear plastic top open inserts from Michael’s craftContinue reading “Organization and order”

Frozen in time

U&lc: Upper and lower case: the International Journal of Typography published by International Typeface Corporation, was one of the publications that I received while in college and for a few years afterwards, though I was not a graphic designer. This tabloid size journal printed on newsprint ran upwards of 100 pages each issue and celebratedContinue reading “Frozen in time”

Puff it up, would ya?

“Manager” was in my title, and on my business cards, but I was always an individual contributor.  I did not officially manage, hire, fire or direct anyone. I didn’t write anyone’s annual performance review. For the most part, I did not attend departmental administrative or budget meetings.  Instead, I conceived of, planned and managed initiativesContinue reading “Puff it up, would ya?”