Something anyone can do

Even before I turned seventy I was thinking about how to live my best life, whether I might live a long, fruitful life, and whether I had any control over the matter. It was with these concerns that I picked up the book The Art of Aging by Dr. Sherwin Nulland, author of an earlierContinue reading “Something anyone can do”

Sit back and binge

I could be a member of Binging Anonymous, a new 12 step program, and while going public removes the anonymity from this fellowship, its just a handful of us in the blog community who will know. Binging Anonymous or BA for short could also be known as lip-smacking snacking anonymous (L-SSA), though L-SSA admittedly fallsContinue reading “Sit back and binge”

Cole slaw wrestling. Whoppee!

Florida: 22 million people. What’s there to do to pass the time besides baking in the sun? One thing unique to the New Smyrna Beach area of Florida is cole slaw wrestling.  Women cole slaw wrestling helps draw men into Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch Saloon. Women in bikinis looking a little like Suomo wrestlers, approach eachContinue reading “Cole slaw wrestling. Whoppee!”

Now I’m really cookin’

With Phantom of the Opera, Elvis Costello or Van Morrison in the background blaring from our BOSE Wave/CD you’ll find me cooking on a Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon, the two days of the week I typically reserve for cooking healthy foods for my wife and friends. Since we have to eat something, we mightContinue reading “Now I’m really cookin’”

Enough with the phubbing please!

“Fine Peruvian Cuisine” was the draw, so we entered Victoria’s new restaurant at 806 Lake Avenue on the main drag in Lake Worth, Florida, sat down and tried to figure out what we would eat in the rustic and spacious dining space.  I’m pretty sensitive to acoustics in any environment, and restaurants in particular, butContinue reading “Enough with the phubbing please!”