Just sittin’

I’ve been doing a lot of nothing during the month of February and it’s been liberating. Doing nothing, just hanging around, watching Netflix or just wasting time is not wasting time. There’s a first time for everything and for the last few weeks I’ve really enjoyed doing nothing; for me it’s been surprisingly worthwhile. It’sContinue reading “Just sittin’”

Sit back and binge

I could be a member of Binging Anonymous, a new 12 step program, and while going public removes the anonymity from this fellowship, its just a handful of us in the blog community who will know. Binging Anonymous or BA for short could also be known as lip-smacking snacking anonymous (L-SSA), though L-SSA admittedly fallsContinue reading “Sit back and binge”

Prout’s Neck

Maine is my new favorite place to be. Previously it was magical Martha’s Vineyard having spent four summers there during my college years following Sweet Baby James, working at the 20-bed Martha’s Vineyard Hospital pharmacy, celebrating birthdays at the Black Dog Tavern when it first opened up in Vineyard Haven. I remember swimming buck nakedContinue reading “Prout’s Neck”

Eating, Drinking, Munching and Me

It was sometime in 1969 when my dental hygienist, an attractive, middle-aged single Italian woman who was also a family friend, peered into my molars and asked me if I was smoking pot (which I was but I didn’t want to confess to her). Immediately thoughts raced through my head: I am in trouble. MyContinue reading “Eating, Drinking, Munching and Me”

One-named Irish singer, 4 letters

Since mid-winter crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee word play have become daily activities. They’re both challenging and perplexing, while being creative and relaxing. And let me add addictive and fun. When I learned that crossword puzzles including the New York Times crossword puzzles are really just a learning experience and not an intelligence test orContinue reading “One-named Irish singer, 4 letters”

Blue Toilet Paper Man

Winter Solstice. Chili. Blue foods. We used to have fun hosting creative themed house parties. For nearly a dozen years we hosted a Winter Solstice party in celebration of the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year, during the December timeframe. We had a roaring fire, drinks and snacks and plenty ofContinue reading “Blue Toilet Paper Man”

The envelope please

In the corporate world along with my personal life, activity lists, deadlines, scheduled appointments measure the fruits of my labor. Facts and figures are my friends. They give me confidence I’m making prudent decisions that will work out. No decision is clear cut so I play the percentages with what is known. That’s how IContinue reading “The envelope please”