One-named Irish singer, 4 letters

Since mid-winter crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee word play have become daily activities. They’re both challenging and perplexing, while being creative and relaxing. And let me add addictive and fun. When I learned that crossword puzzles including the New York Times crossword puzzles are really just a learning experience and not an intelligence test orContinue reading “One-named Irish singer, 4 letters”

Blue Toilet Paper Man

Winter Solstice. Chili. Blue foods. We used to have fun hosting creative themed house parties. For nearly a dozen years we hosted a Winter Solstice party in celebration of the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year, during the December timeframe. We had a roaring fire, drinks and snacks and plenty ofContinue reading “Blue Toilet Paper Man”

The envelope please

In the corporate world along with my personal life, activity lists, deadlines, scheduled appointments measure the fruits of my labor. Facts and figures are my friends. They give me confidence I’m making prudent decisions that will work out. No decision is clear cut so I play the percentages with what is known. That’s how IContinue reading “The envelope please”

Kvetches like the real deal

It all started about fifteen years ago while shopping for furniture at Jordan’s on Route 9 in Natick, across from the infamous Shopper’s World indoor mall. The saleswoman, sitting spread out on a three seat couch that we eventually purchased asked if I got a lot of inquiries and second looks because of my uncannyContinue reading “Kvetches like the real deal”

Javelinas and toads

We missed the Cowboy Yodeling competition at Alpine’s own Sul Ross State University, as it was held a week earlier than our three day stay in the high desert towns of Alpine and Marfa in southwest Texas in early March. We declined to attend the Reptile and Amphibian Show whose participants all seemed to wearContinue reading “Javelinas and toads”

No more pencils, no more books!

School’s out! No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks! It may be February 2, and while Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter, it dd not matter to me for today was my last day of working at my employer.  Come February 5, the following Monday, theContinue reading “No more pencils, no more books!”

Frozen in time

U&lc: Upper and lower case: the International Journal of Typography published by International Typeface Corporation, was one of the publications that I received while in college and for a few years afterwards, though I was not a graphic designer. This tabloid size journal printed on newsprint ran upwards of 100 pages each issue and celebratedContinue reading “Frozen in time”