Andrea Ziegelman, where are you?

About the same time that my cousin died in January (same age as me), my older brother showed me a draft of the Halpern family tree that he compiled using family notes and interviews conducted over the years.  His daughter asked him for it.  There are no elders left unless you consider the two ofContinue reading “Andrea Ziegelman, where are you?”

Now I’m really cookin’

With Phantom of the Opera, Elvis Costello or Van Morrison in the background blaring from our BOSE Wave/CD you’ll find me cooking on a Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon, the two days of the week I typically reserve for cooking healthy foods for my wife and friends. Since we have to eat something, we mightContinue reading “Now I’m really cookin’”

The kindness of strangers

Nice people are everywhere. Nice people being nice in profound ways. Even in the midst of all the hate, violence and racism that captures the headlines and newscasts today.  Bad people behaving badly. But despite the disturbing episodes I wake to each morning I’ve found happy endings and happy stories in my activities of dailyContinue reading “The kindness of strangers”

Kidney hunting

Aside from Sounds of Silence, Sgt. peppers, Blue (Joni Mitchell) and most any song by Eric Clapton, Ten Years After’s “I’d Love to Change the World” from their 1971 album is probably one of my favorite songs and lyrics of all time. It’s easy to listen to, though haunting (especially the Chorus). It does aContinue reading “Kidney hunting”

The generosity of scholars

Aside from my volunteer work at the Cardiac ICU Family Waiting Area, my Friday morning drawing class, my almost daily exercises at the gym, reading, volunteer work for local Franklin Democratic Town Committee, binge watching of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”and “The Bodyguard”, I continue doing research in my spare time. While I’m retired from thatContinue reading “The generosity of scholars”