A man amongst men

When it’s just you and your hand-picked crew of five, along with the stars in the skies, and enough provisions for 100 days and nights on a balsa wood raft, with no sign of land yet the occasional presence of a blood-thirsty whale shark swimming around your boat,you get to thinking about your place inContinue reading “A man amongst men”

Writing culture

Almost the first thing I did upon returning home after my last day working was emptying the contents of my twenty-five year old, well-worn and creased tan leather portfolio that Arlyn had given me. (She has good taste and people often compliment me on the occasional shirts she buys me).  I kept this portfolio inContinue reading “Writing culture”

Another River Styx

December 28, 2017:  My application for Social Security benefits was officially entered and accepted today; I join the millions and millions of others to join the ranks.  This new stage in my life reminded me of a presentation written and read by one of my oldest and dearest friends Nate Keedy when I turned 50Continue reading “Another River Styx”