New responsibilities

“Off the hook” is an idiom that dates back to the 17th century and with increased popularity in the mid-1800s. It means to be “free from some responsibility; removed from some difficulty”. It’s been used as “a dated phrase to indicate something is cool, funk or enjoyable”. In a figurative sense, it’s when a bossContinue reading “New responsibilities”

Elegant code makes me happy

The happy engineers couldn’t make me happy. I know they tried and so did I, but communicating through on line forums and chats sometimes just doesn’t cut it when you have a problem with a website or application. I had to seek out my very own WordPress therapist to talk it through and fix myContinue reading “Elegant code makes me happy”

Learning to learn and not be lost

Nobody has escaped the ravages and surprises of 2020. Practically everyone has written their reviews of the year. And while this posting speaks to it, it goes beyond it as well. Death was around me in 2020 even before the pandemic kicked in in March. First, it was my first cousin R. who died tragicallyContinue reading “Learning to learn and not be lost”

The millionaire next door

With all the CO 2 spewing into the atmosphere and extreme weather events in California, Louisiana and the MidWest, we’ve heard a lot about “sustainability”. Sustainability has to do with avoiding the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance; it’s about environmentally conscious living. Sustainability courses and degrees in environmental conservation,Continue reading “The millionaire next door”

Kidney hunting

Aside from Sounds of Silence, Sgt. peppers, Blue (Joni Mitchell) and most any song by Eric Clapton, Ten Years After’s “I’d Love to Change the World” from their 1971 album is probably one of my favorite songs and lyrics of all time. It’s easy to listen to, though haunting (especially the Chorus). It does aContinue reading “Kidney hunting”

Doing things never done before is fun

While employed in high tech in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I was enthralled to work in innovative computer companies. The advanced technology I marketed was often the first of its kind. The world’s first portable computer, the world’s first electronic office software, a 4GL programming language that ran on multiple platforms without rewriting code, aContinue reading “Doing things never done before is fun”

What’s making it look wrong?

At my Friday morning instructional art class held in Walpole at Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School, I’m finding that drawing a portrait likeness with my Winsor & Newton “Vine” soft dark grey charcoal challenging.  The portrait selected for me, “Lady Agnew”, from 1892, is one by John Singer Sargent, an American artist born inContinue reading “What’s making it look wrong?”