Enough with the phubbing please!

“Fine Peruvian Cuisine” was the draw, so we entered Victoria’s new restaurant at 806 Lake Avenue on the main drag in Lake Worth, Florida, sat down and tried to figure out what we would eat in the rustic and spacious dining space.  I’m pretty sensitive to acoustics in any environment, and restaurants in particular, butContinue reading “Enough with the phubbing please!”

Everything is in the eighties

I’ve been in the Sunshine State for a few weeks now, escaping the polar vortex that’s vexed much of the Midwest and Northeast United States with bone-chilling winds and cold, and largely enjoyed the blue sky, no wind and warmth of Southern Florida.  Without the warm weather though, the place is less enjoyable. Unless you’reContinue reading “Everything is in the eighties”

The generosity of scholars

Aside from my volunteer work at the Cardiac ICU Family Waiting Area, my Friday morning drawing class, my almost daily exercises at the gym, reading, volunteer work for local Franklin Democratic Town Committee, binge watching of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”and “The Bodyguard”, I continue doing research in my spare time. While I’m retired from thatContinue reading “The generosity of scholars”

Kvetches like the real deal

It all started about fifteen years ago while shopping for furniture at Jordan’s on Route 9 in Natick, across from the infamous Shopper’s World indoor mall. The saleswoman, sitting spread out on a three seat couch that we eventually purchased asked if I got a lot of inquiries and second looks because of my uncannyContinue reading “Kvetches like the real deal”

A man amongst men

When it’s just you and your hand-picked crew of five, along with the stars in the skies, and enough provisions for 100 days and nights on a balsa wood raft, with no sign of land yet the occasional presence of a blood-thirsty whale shark swimming around your boat,you get to thinking about your place inContinue reading “A man amongst men”

The weathered look of dilapidated houses

As much as I talk about calligraphy as my primary medium of interest, it’s really black and white illustration, pen & ink and technical drawing that interests me.  I’m drawn to housing, barns, buildings and storefronts that display the ravages of time, whether born from neglect, age, weather, calamity or some combination of these.  InanimateContinue reading “The weathered look of dilapidated houses”