An off the hook dilemma

Can I continue being “off the hook” and work part time? Now that I’ve re-entered the workforce working about 10-15 hours a week, the question I labored over before accepting the position was whether I could remain “off the hook” and work at the same time. When I started blogging ”off the hook” nearly fiveContinue reading “An off the hook dilemma”

The Original Social Distancing

Only after I bought my regular Old Spice stick deodorant did I read the copy on the back, above the list of chemical ingredients: CONTAINS ODOR-FIGHTING “ATOMIC ROBOTS” THAT “SHOOT LASERS” AT YOUR “STENCH MONSTERS” AND REPLACES THEM WITH FRESH, CLEAN, MASCULINE “SCENT ELVES” Huh? Did Marjorie Taylor Greene or a Q Anon follower becomeContinue reading “The Original Social Distancing”

Getting away with murder

The world news was followed daily by everyone in our family. An occasional letter to the editor or letter to a State Senator was written in response. The newspaper was the media of choice moreso than TV. News of all kinds was followed: world news, Federal and State politics, along with business, medical/health, global trade,Continue reading “Getting away with murder”

One-named Irish singer, 4 letters

Since mid-winter crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee word play have become daily activities. They’re both challenging and perplexing, while being creative and relaxing. And let me add addictive and fun. When I learned that crossword puzzles including the New York Times crossword puzzles are really just a learning experience and not an intelligence test orContinue reading “One-named Irish singer, 4 letters”

Blue Toilet Paper Man

Winter Solstice. Chili. Blue foods. We used to have fun hosting creative themed house parties. For nearly a dozen years we hosted a Winter Solstice party in celebration of the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year, during the December timeframe. We had a roaring fire, drinks and snacks and plenty ofContinue reading “Blue Toilet Paper Man”

Wired and wonderful

Wired. Everything and everybody seems to be wired today. That’s what the researchers say, the TED Talk storytellers, Bruce Springsteen, advertisers, neurologists too. Brene Brown PhD LCSW says humans are “wired for connections, it’s in our biology. As infants our need for connection is about survival. As we grow older connection means feeling valued, accepted,Continue reading “Wired and wonderful”