A man amongst men

When it’s just you and your hand-picked crew of five, along with the stars in the skies, and enough provisions for 100 days and nights on a balsa wood raft, with no sign of land yet the occasional presence of a blood-thirsty whale shark swimming around your boat,you get to thinking about your place inContinue reading “A man amongst men”

Forgeries detected through chemistry

Its been a little while since I’ve posted; life caught up with me. One of the things I have grown to like in the world of chemistry is how to detect deception and forgeries in the most mundane of things. Consider paper documents such as a will, mortgage or contract. Speckin Forensics is a forensicContinue reading “Forgeries detected through chemistry”

All things toxic

There’s not a lot of humor in the toxicology field.   It’s pretty serious stuff: testing urine, oral fluids, blood, hair, fingernails and even meconium using analytical instrumentation (chromatography and mass spectrometry) to measure levels and types of drugs in the individual.  Toxicology deals with the complexities of testing and analysis, of positives and falseContinue reading “All things toxic”