Back in the grey skies

Though grey skies took the place of sparkling blue skies, and there was a nip- in the air, there were no billboards on the highway exclaiming ” Bob won us $3.2 million despite our car accident!” nor advertisements for the world’s best key lime pie, chicken-fried steak or cheese grits. We were back in MassachusettsContinue reading “Back in the grey skies”

$29 bingo winnings allows senior to buy used tires

My third winter in Florida has practically come to a close. I’ve discovered all kinds of things about life in the Sunny State, most of which are not to my liking. Drivers, many of whom have no car insurance, switch lanes at 75 MPH without signaling. I think Florida drivers are worse than Boston drivers;Continue reading “$29 bingo winnings allows senior to buy used tires”

The laugh of the deeply insane

It was the later part of July and we four were hiking at Little Wilson Falls near Moosehead Lake in Piscataquis County, Maine, the least populated county in the state of Maine. We were on a woodland path, part of the Adirondack Trail with a stream that cascaded into a series of small waterfalls andContinue reading “The laugh of the deeply insane”

Just sittin’

I’ve been doing a lot of nothing during the month of February and it’s been liberating. Doing nothing, just hanging around, watching Netflix or just wasting time is not wasting time. There’s a first time for everything and for the last few weeks I’ve really enjoyed doing nothing; for me it’s been surprisingly worthwhile. It’sContinue reading “Just sittin’”

Prout’s Neck

Maine is my new favorite place to be. Previously it was magical Martha’s Vineyard having spent four summers there during my college years following Sweet Baby James, working at the 20-bed Martha’s Vineyard Hospital pharmacy, celebrating birthdays at the Black Dog Tavern when it first opened up in Vineyard Haven. I remember swimming buck nakedContinue reading “Prout’s Neck”

New responsibilities

“Off the hook” is an idiom that dates back to the 17th century and with increased popularity in the mid-1800s. It means to be “free from some responsibility; removed from some difficulty”. It’s been used as “a dated phrase to indicate something is cool, funk or enjoyable”. In a figurative sense, it’s when a bossContinue reading “New responsibilities”