Everything is in the eighties

I’ve been in the Sunshine State for a few weeks now, escaping the polar vortex that’s vexed much of the Midwest and Northeast United States with bone-chilling winds and cold, and largely enjoyed the blue sky, no wind and warmth of Southern Florida.  Without the warm weather though, the place is less enjoyable. Unless you’reContinue reading “Everything is in the eighties”

Kvetches like the real deal

It all started about fifteen years ago while shopping for furniture at Jordan’s on Route 9 in Natick, across from the infamous Shopper’s World indoor mall. The saleswoman, sitting spread out on a three seat couch that we eventually purchased asked if I got a lot of inquiries and second looks because of my uncannyContinue reading “Kvetches like the real deal”

In praise of dilapidated houses near RI Rte 8

Chepatchet, a village within Glocester, known to some as “Foster-Glocester” because neither Foster or Glocester, adjacent to each other, has a school population large enough to be on its own, but has one school district through the merger of the two. Chepatchet is situated in the northwest corner of Rhode Island, at the junction ofContinue reading “In praise of dilapidated houses near RI Rte 8”

A man amongst men

When it’s just you and your hand-picked crew of five, along with the stars in the skies, and enough provisions for 100 days and nights on a balsa wood raft, with no sign of land yet the occasional presence of a blood-thirsty whale shark swimming around your boat,you get to thinking about your place inContinue reading “A man amongst men”

Breaking through using Joe Kennedy

In 1999, when a Kennedy, any Kennedy, calls on behalf of little-known start up Altiga Networks, chances are very good he will either reach “power” (CEO or President) at the identified organization, or upon leaving a voice message, will likely receive a return phone call, often on the same day, within hours.   When a telesalesContinue reading “Breaking through using Joe Kennedy”

Javelinas and toads

We missed the Cowboy Yodeling competition at Alpine’s own Sul Ross State University, as it was held a week earlier than our three day stay in the high desert towns of Alpine and Marfa in southwest Texas in early March. We declined to attend the Reptile and Amphibian Show whose participants all seemed to wearContinue reading “Javelinas and toads”