An off the hook dilemma

Can I continue being “off the hook” and work part time? Now that I’ve re-entered the workforce working about 10-15 hours a week, the question I labored over before accepting the position was whether I could remain “off the hook” and work at the same time. When I started blogging ”off the hook” nearly fiveContinue reading “An off the hook dilemma”

The envelope please

In the corporate world along with my personal life, activity lists, deadlines, scheduled appointments measure the fruits of my labor. Facts and figures are my friends. They give me confidence I’m making prudent decisions that will work out. No decision is clear cut so I play the percentages with what is known. That’s how IContinue reading “The envelope please”

Worth bragging about

Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns which means while I’ve lived in Massachusetts a good portion of my life, I’ve undoubtably never travelled to dozens of towns and villages within it.  Aside from growing up in Massachusetts and living here for decades, there were a few years on Long Island (yuck!), and fifteen or moreContinue reading “Worth bragging about”