An off the hook dilemma

Can I continue being “off the hook” and work part time? Now that I’ve re-entered the workforce working about 10-15 hours a week, the question I labored over before accepting the position was whether I could remain “off the hook” and work at the same time. When I started blogging ”off the hook” nearly fiveContinue reading “An off the hook dilemma”

A marked man

So much of one’s discretionary income is designated towards personal presentation, how one looks, dresses, behaves. One’s likes and dislikes, values, beliefs and affiliations may be expressed in one’s individual presentation. To friends. Family. Lovers. There’s your hair cut and facial grooming. there’s your body weight and physique. Your hands and fingernails. Clothing. Jewelry andContinue reading “A marked man”

Organized people are just too lazy to look for things

Chad Carpenter, Senior Vice President & Co-founder of Progress Software, a software start-up that I worked for in the 1990s had a huge office at the headquarters in Bedford, MA, where we both worked.   I visited his office once a month to review and win approval of a monthly letter called “Progress Connections” IContinue reading “Organized people are just too lazy to look for things”

Disruptive technology adoption

Having worked in high tech for so much time in my career, I’ve given some thought to how and why companies acquire disruptive and innovative new technology, especially when conventional consensus has not fully embraced it.   I believe there are five reasons to acquire “new” high tech, though often, more than one factor “drives” aContinue reading “Disruptive technology adoption”

Opportunity markers

My mild mannered Jewish grandmother who lived in Washington Heights (Manhattan, New York City) some forty odd years ago, close to the Cloisters, not far from Henry Kissinger’s parents at 182nd Street, once remarked to me while walking on the sidewalk near her second floor rent-controlled apartment that she could tell whether a person wasContinue reading “Opportunity markers”

The man who screams

NOW … AT LAST …. THE NEW AMAZING Gem of genius slowly blazing The one man who, without a doubt Knows what this business is about. The man who screams, when words are arranged. Still, were he quieter or politer, He wouldn’t be a copywriter My first marketing communications project was to write and produceContinue reading “The man who screams”